Evisa Consortium

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About Us

Evisa Consortium provides experts and specialized risk management advisory, information technology security, auditing and data privacy services for our clients. We offers a variety of consulting services to assist organizations in critical planning and assessment activities that relates to information technology security, risk management, auditing, data protection and privacy services.

We are a highly trained and result oriented professionals that provide a unique perspective on a wide range of critical business capabilities across various business functions.

We are well placed to help you meet the challenges and opportunities of the marketplace. We offer the perspective of an organization with detailed knowledge of business issues. We have a wide range of professionals with working experiences from a range of industries in the United States.  

We bring a business mindset combined with deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience to assist clients to address business issues across the broad spectrum of information technology security, auditing, privacy, governance, process improvement, data protection and risk advisory disciplines.

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