Evisa Consortium

Information Technology | Risk Management | Audit Services | Data Privacy Consulting



We strive for diversity in our client base and we look for opportunities to leverage our expertise within various categories of the business sector including  information technology, trade, business to business  and professional associations.

Consulting services are all segments of the marketplace in which we have deep experience and desire more business growth. At the core of our company is a commitment to base everything we do on the reality of the customer experience.

Evisa Consortium, LLC

We are a dedicated and creative team of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our employees function as partners, working together to integrate information technology security, audit services, risk management and data privacy programs. 

Evisa Consortium - working to meet our clients need is our business.
  • Information Technology Security
  • Risk Management 
  • Audit Services
  • Privacy Consulting Services.
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